How to choose the ideal buckle

To meet the growing demand of our customers, we design and develop many kinds of buckles such as square pin buckle, brass buckle, alphabet shaped buckle, and double pin buckle.

Moreover, due to today's rapid technological advancement, you can find many functional buckles like GPS buckle and survival buckle.

Today, belt buckle is not just a belt buckle, but it has become a part of peoples' lifestyle.

As the leading buckle manufacturer, we, at the You More Co., Ltd, would like to share with you something about buckles.

There are three common types of belt buckles:

1.Pin buckle

Pin buckle is the most common and the traditional type of buckle. A variety of materials including brass, zinc alloy, steel, titanium alloy can be used in making a pin buckle.It's a simple, strong, and timelessly classic item.

The size of a pin buckle ranges from 10mm to 50mm depending on the customer preference. Our most common buckle sizes are 30 and 35mm. Pin buckles can be used for watch, bag, pet leash and pet collars, but it's extensively used for belts.

2.Pull buckle/ Clip buckle

Clip buckle is bigger than pin buckle. Clip buckles could be plain and simple or elegant in shape.

Some of the internationally recognized brands use their own logo as a shape of the buckle. Clip teeth is for easily clipping the belt. Clip buckles can be functionally simple yet very trendy. It's highly recommend for those who wish to their own brand logo.


3.Automatic buckle / Ratchet buckle

Automatic buckle is the most interesting buckle of all. Compared to the other types of buckles, automatic buckle is a good match for belts without holes. Although it's heavier than others, the function is excellent and convenient to use. Nowadays, there are more brand choices are available for customers.

Our automatic buckle design differs from the China made ones in durability and easy of locking. 


About buckle materials

Other than the belt material, belt buckle is an important factor in forming price difference.

The common materials for a belt buckle are zinc alloy, brass and stainless steel.


1.Zinc alloy

The most common material is zinc alloy. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it's cheap, and, it's easy to mold allowing for a wide ranging designs.


2.Stainless steel

Stainless steel is durable, and it tends to be expensive. The material's features are not easy to fade and deform. It's corrosion resistant.


3.Pure brass

Brass buckle features good quality just through polishing and texture. It’s simple. Belt buckles made by pure brass material is pricey. So, some buckles are plated to make the color look like pure brass. But, touching it feels not as good as real brass. We should be able to distinguish real brass when we are purchasing it.